How to care
1. Use a wig comb to gently comb your wig or hairpiece to remove any tangles. Fill your sink with lukewarm water and a capful of shampoo specially formulated for synthetic hair.

2. Soak for 3 minutes, gently swish up and down for a thorough wash. Rinse hair in cold water until all shampoo residue is gone. Pat out excess water on soft towel. Use a leave-in conditioner (specially formulated for synthetic hair) to bring back the original softness and sheen to hair.

3. Allow to air dry on a wig stand or a slender object like a can of hair spray. Do NOT comb or brush a wet wig. Do NOT dry in direct sunlight. After the wig is dry, give it a good shake and it will be ready to wear.

4. To style, you may use a wig brush or your fingers (for curly styles). You can use hair mousse or gel to achieve a certain style.
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